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Writing Helper Bookmarks


Writing can be such a daunting process when you're just starting out! There's so much to think about... correct pencil grip, finger spacing, writing letters correctly –– it can definitely be overwhelming for our precious little people.

That's where these handy Writing Helper Bookmarks come in! Everything your little one needs to help identify and correct any mistakes in their work, by providing some much-needed dot point reminders.

There are 6 sweet designs to choose from, and each includes 3 bookmark styles to help even the littlest writers progress through to superstar editors! Just start with the first bookmark (5 easy dot points), then switch out to the next one when your little one is ready for the extra challenge.

Please note: This is a digital product. Select your preferred variant from the drop-down box. Upon purchase of any variant, you will receive one digital PDF file (no watermarks), ready to print and play!


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